• May I purchase a home plan?

    Yes!  You can purchase our plans in one of three formats, depending on your needs:

    1. You may purchase a set of 6 hard copies that will be shipped to you and be granted a one-time non-transferrable use of that specific design.

    2. You may purchase a downloadable PDF file of our plans which also grants you a one-time non-transferrable use.

    3. You may purchase a downloadable CAD file which grants you a multiple use license and the ability to make your own desired modifications or changes.

  • How do I purchase a plan?

    When you have found the plan, or plans, you wish to purchase, simply select the format in which you would like to receive your plan and click “Add to Cart”. Once you have finished browsing and shopping, select “Check Out” and you will be taken to a separate page to complete your purchase where you will input all necessary information.




  • Is my privacy and credit card information safe?

    Yes!  every effort is taken to insure your privacy and protect your identity in any financial transaction.  All information is secure and sent to an automated payment processing center that validates your credit card information.  All payments are managed by and no credit card information is stored by us or used in any other manner.


  • If I purchase a PDF or CAD file, can I download immediately?

    Yes!  Once you purchase a plan in a digital format and your credit card information has been verified you may download your purchase immediately.


  • Are plans returnable or refundable?

    No.  All purchases are final and plans are not returnable for any reason.


  • Are plans provided with structural engineering?

    No. Our plans are sold throughout the country and rules and regulations for construction of any home will vary from location to location.  For this reason, no structural engineering is included in our plans.  You will need to consult a local engineer for this service. We do, however, provide foundation, framing and roof plans that are blank and can be used by your local engineer.


  • Are the plans I purchased copyrighted?

    YES! All plans on our website are copyrighted by South Designs, Inc.  When you purchase a hard copy or downloadable PDF file of our plans you will be granted a non-transferable single-use license that grants you limited rights, such as making additional copies as needed, to build a single structure at a specific location.  You do have permission to modify or change the plans, however, PLEASE be aware that any modifications or changes made to the plan, either by you or someone else, and any derivative work using a plan you purchased remains the sole and exclusive property of South Designs, Inc. and shall be subject to all applicable copyright laws.


  • How can I build a plan more than once?

    You may build a plan more than one time by either purchasing a multi-use license or by purchasing the CAD files.  Should you purchase the CAD files you will have a license to build multiple structures in multiple locations as well as making your own modifications to the plans using CAD software.  It is important to note, however, that even with a multiple use purchase, South Designs, Inc. still retains the copyright to the plans and any derivative thereof.  See the question regarding copyright for additional information.


  • What is included with the plans?

    When you purchase hard copies, a pdf file or CAD files, all plans come with the same information.  You will receive elevations of all sides, floor plans with relevant dimensions and notes, blank structural pages and appropriate details.


  • Can I make changes to the plans I purchase?

    You are allowed to make changes to the plans if you wish with a single use license or multiple use license.  We also offer plan modification / revision services in our office as well.  We suggest you consider the CAD file purchase if you intend to make extensive changes yourself.  This will benefit you more in the long run and ultimately be more economical.  In any case, all copyrights are retained by South Designs, Inc.


  • How is heated square footage calculated?

    The heated square footage of the plan is calculated and measured from exterior frame wall and does not include decks, porches, patios or garages. No unfinished areas or optional unfinished areas will be included in this calculation.  Open areas, two story areas, vaulted areas and stairways are only counted once on the respective floor of location.


  • Is my purchase of a home plan transferable?

    No. Once you purchase a home plan, in any format, that purchase is for your intended use only.  You are not authorized to sell, transfer or by any other means relay your purchase to another entity for any reason.  Doing so may violate copyright laws.


  • What version and type of CAD software are the plans provided?

    Our plans are designed and drawn in AutoCAD Architecture version 2017.  If you are using an older version of AutoCAD or another CAD software, please contact us prior to purchase and we will create CAD files specific to your needs.


  • Why aren't HVAC, plumbing or electrical plans provided?

    There are two reasons for this.  First, our plans are sold throughout the United States and different areas have different climate conditions and perhaps building codes, so it would be impossible for us to create one set of plans to encompass all conditions.  Second, builders and contractors are required to follow building codes which will often dictate where and how these items are placed and located.  In addition, it is often the case that homeowners have specific preferences on where vents, electrical items and plumbing fixtures are placed, provided it meets local codes.


  • Can South Designs design a custom plan for my own needs?

    Absolutely!  We have been designing homes and providing custom designs for builders and individual homeowners alike for almost 30 years.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and desires in a design and develop a course of action to deliver a plan, or plans, that will meet your needs in every way.  Please use the contact us page to let us know how we can help and we will be in touch quickly.